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We’re equipped to perform turnkey repairs of your large scale industrial machines. With our rigging, repair, and full machine shop, we own the repair process from start to finish. Don’t wait on long lead times from OEM’s, our team of millwrights has the capacity to start right away, fabricating custom parts as needed, so you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

Stamping Press Repair
  • Clutches/ brakes
  • Counter-balance cylinders
  • Ram adjust mechanisms
  • Tonnage calibrations

Common types of repairs:

Injection Molding Machine Repair
  • Injection unit rebuilds
  • Removing broken/ stuck screw tips
  • Cylinder rebuilds
Aluminum extrusion presses
  • Billet handling systems
  • Cylinder rebuilds
  • Tie-bar fabrication
  • Gland ring fabrication

Common types of repairs:

Injection Molding Machine Repair

  • Injection Unit Rebuilds
  • Removing broken/stuck screw tips
  • Cylinder Rebuilds

Stamping Press Repair

  • Clutches/Brakes
  • Counter-Balance Cylinders
  • Ram Adjust Mechanisms
  • Tonnage Calibrations

Aluminum Extrusion Presses

  • Billet Handling Systems
  • Cylinder Rebuilds
  • Tie-Bar Fabrication
  • Gland Ring Fabrication

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